• Choose your meals

    From a weekly changing menu of restaurant-quality feasts

  • Freshly prepared by chefs

    Our chefs do the hard work for you, cooking sauces, dressings and garnishes from scratch

  • Delivered UK wide

    Everything arrives cold in a fully recyclable, insulated box

  • Ready in 15 minutes

    You simply finish and serve your meals in 15 minutes or less


Not a recipe box


We're the only meal kit company to deliver chef-made mains, sauces and garnishes alongside fresh veg for you to add at home. We’re quicker than a recipe box and better than a ready meal.


We cook all our mains, sauces and garnishes from scratch in our kitchen, using 100% natural ingredients - vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds - and zero additives, preservatives or UPF.


People love Planthood

  • Faster than Mindful Chef and more delicious

    I had been having the vegan Mindful Chef meals which tasted great but often took 45 mins to cook. These are even more delicious and ready in 10-15 mins some even 5 mins - genius and a great way to get a wide variety of plant based foods for a healthy gut microbiome.



    LOVE LOVE LOVE. I rarely write reviews but Planthood deserves one. I’ve tried it for 3 or 4 weeks now. Every meal has been a hit. It’s packing healthy things into my diet that I might not otherwise eat, and it’s always delicious. I’m not vegan or vegetarian either - but this helps me to be. I’ve been sharing this with anyone who will listen and really highly recommend it.


  • We love these meals

    We love these meals, they are absolutely delicious and so easy to make. They’re not just for those following a vegan diet. If you like good quality and delicious food then I’d recommend trying planthood. We’ve not disliked a single meal.


  • Easy and utterly delicious

    I have tried other well known recipe boxes but this wayyyyy better for us for three important reasons 1/ genuinely the best tasting of all the boxes. 2/ far less prep time or effort involved
    3/ quantities are bigger than the others! We are genuinely full and satisfied. We are a mixed vegan vegetarian household and the vegetarians LOVE this food. Couldn’t be happier.


  • Exceptional

    We were stuck in a rut with meal choice - Planthood changed all of that. What a joy it is to eat a variety of different foods/meals every day. I do not have the imagination or time to produce such delicious and nutritious meals. My husband and I look forward to our weekly delivery and are no longer in a rut! Thank you Planthood, you are awesome and your service all the way to a remote valley in Wales is exceptional.


  • Definitely recommend

    Our first impressions with Planthood have been nothing short of exceptional and impressive. The recipes have been abundant in flavour yet so easy to make! Your responsible packaging with minimal plastics and waste is a standard for which more companies should strive. With one of us having gluten sensitivity, as vegans we still feel there is a nice selection of menu. Lastly, the educational emails are inspiring and make us feel good about supporting your business
    so it thrives.

    Thank you for what you’re bringing to the market, and the planet.


  • The food is fantastic

    The food is fantastic, really tasty and so fresh. The recipes are really straight forward and there is no waste.


  • As parents who struggle to plan...

    As fresh parents who struggle to plan our own dinners. Planthood has been amazing. We've tried all the other meal services and feel this is the best in terms of food quality, healthiness and just pure ease!


  • I really love Planthood

    Great tasting meals and hearty portions.

    I don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen, so it is fab knowing I am eating well without spending hours preparing my meals.

    Thank you Planthood ❤️


  • Very happy with our Planthood meals

    We're on our fourth delivery of Planthood meals now and we're really impressed. The portions are very generous, the food delicious and they offer good value for money.
    We aren't vegan, but we try to eat as healthily as possible, and using Planthood takes a lot of the effort out of having to think about what to cook. The instructions are very straightforward and it doesn't take long at all to complete the cooking of the meal ( most of it is done for you).
    One additional bonus is the packaging which is so eco conscious, avoiding the use of numerous small plastic sachets which other similar meal delivery services use.
    Great customer service too!



    30-60 minutes to cook

    Deliver raw ingredients only

    Uninspiring plant-based options


    Always 15 minutes or less

    Chef-made mains / sauces + fresh produce

    Restaurant-quality plant-based cuisine


    Convenient to re-heat

    No sides or garnishes

    Often frozen and poor quality

Now we’re cooking!