Not a recipe box


We're the only meal kit company to deliver chef-made sauces, garnishes and fresh veg. We're quicker than a recipe box and better than a ready meal.


We cook all our sauces from scratch in our kitchen, using 100% natural ingredients - vegetables, legumes, spices, nuts and seeds - and zero additives or UPFs.


Everything is designed with gut-health in mind - our meals are packed with high fibre fresh vegetables, fermented foods and polyphenols.

  • Choose your meals

    From a weekly changing menu of restaurant-quality feasts

  • Freshly prepared by chefs

    Our chefs do the hard work for you, cooking sauces, dressings and garnishes from scratch

  • Delivered UK wide

    Everything arrives cold in a fully recyclable, insulated box

  • Ready in minutes

    You simply finish and serve your meals, from pack to plate in minutes

People love Planthood

  • The best food we have had in a long time

    We usually subscribe to Gousto and we are vegetarian but always prefer plant based options. The Gousto vegan options are so and boring that we end up getting the vegetarian options instead which are full of cheese and dairy.
    Planthood has changed all that. Initially I was going to get a monthly box but the food is so amazing I’ve changed it to weekly. It’s better than restaurant food and is so healthy.



    We're two weeks / 10 meals into our subscription and every one has been excellent. Lots of choice each week to select from. Where this service excels for me is the pre-prepared sauces that you get - that's where all the flavour is and where I feel other meal kit services fall short. Meals are relatively quick to prepare although I would say most are in the 15-20 minute range rather than under 15 as mentioned in some places. Highly recommend.


  • Thanks Planthood

    I've had 3 weeks worth of planthood and it's been great. I find all the flavours are varied and delicious. All very easy to make and quick. I really like they include little extras to dress the dishes, like almond crumbs etc. Sauce pouches are very well balanced.


  • Love it!

    Love it, super convenient and lots of flavour! My hubby doesn’t even know that it’s all vegan because it tastes so good :)


  • Love Planthood!

    Absolutely love planthood! It makes eating healthy, high protein, plant based food quick and easy! More than worth every penny in my opinion. Always new recipes and they're so tasty and convenient. Excellent delivery and customer service too.


  • Definitely recommend

    The tastiest, most interesting vegan meals. If you want delicious, nutritious and easy to prepare meals that will give you heaps of inspiration for your cooking going forward, Planthood is the one for you.


  • The food is fantastic

    The food is fantastic, really tasty and so fresh. The recipes are really straight forward and there is no waste.


  • As parents who struggle to plan...

    As fresh parents who struggle to plan our own dinners. Planthood has been amazing. We've tried all the other meal services and feel this is the best in terms of food quality, healthiness and just pure ease!


  • Great family meals

    Our family discovered Planthood about six months ago and now we can’t live without! Super tasty, convenient, healthy and good value meals. Thank you Planthood for your fantastic service!


  • Planthood deserves 5 stars and above

    The dishes are superb and, most importantly, taste like a real home-cooked meal! You absolutely can't find this elsewhere; I tried. From Black Daal to Crushed Chickpea Onigirazu, every dish was full of flavour and took less than 5 minutes to make. Their website is user-friendly, and delivery is in sustainable packaging. Portion size wise I was very happy, but if someone really needs more calories per day then maybe they can always add some extra carbs on the side like rice. Thank you, Planthood, for making this available to us!



    30-60 minutes to cook

    Deliver raw ingredients only

    Uninspiring plant-based options


    Mostly ready in 15 mins or less

    Chef-made mains / sauces AND fresh produce

    Restaurant-quality plant-based cuisine


    Convenient to re-heat

    No fresh veg, sides or garnishes

    Often frozen and poor quality

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