5 fun ways to stay healthy

5 fun ways to stay healthy

With summer on the horizon, as well as all the bank holidays we’ve been enjoying, and those coming our way, it can be easy to let healthy habits slip. So, we wanted to share some of our favourite easy tips for staying healthy and happy over the bank hol and beyond, including our go-to recipe for feeding a crowd.

5 fun ways to stay healthy

1. Join a club.

We’ve all been there, you go to bed with the best intentions to wake up early the next morning and go for a run. Roll on the alarm… and roll over back to sleep. If you’re struggling to keep movement in your routine, why not try joining a club. It sounds simple, but there’s heaps of studies on the benefits of exercising with a group; the knowledge that there are others there waiting for you can provide that extra motivation and sense of accountability that we all need some days!

The best part is, a lot of them are free. We recommend Your Friendly Runners in East London, and Our Parks is a great resource for finding free sessions in your local green spaces.

5 fun ways to stay healthy

2. Cook up a (plant-based) storm from scratch.

If like us, you like to go all out on the cooking over long weekends, we've got the perfect recipe for you - stuffed cabbage rolls. They may look hard to make, but they're actually super easy, so perfect if you're entertaining and want to impress. Guaranteed to win over vegans and non-vegans alike! Get the recipe here.

5 fun ways to stay healthy

3. Follow the seasons.

Despite what the stereotypes may tell you, plant-based eating isn’t all pumpkin and tofu! Building variety into our diet is one of the best things we can do for our health, and looking at what's in season is a great way of doing this. Eat the Seasons is a useful resource for tracking what’s in season now.

By eating with the seasons, not only does it encourage diversity on your plate, but you’ll also be getting more flavour and nutrients out of your produce if it’s grown locally.

5 fun ways to stay healthy

4. Be kind.

Feeling tired? There’s no shame in a power nap. Feeling stressed? Give yourself a break to take some deep breaths or even try out a new hobby. Feeling uninspired? Get green fingered in the garden or go for a walk.

We’re all guilty of operating at a million miles per hour, so make sure you’re being kind to yourself during your downtime and getting adequate mental and physical rest, whether that means having a nap or taking time to do something just for you.

5 fun ways to stay healthy

5. Plan ahead.

We can’t talk about staying healthy at home without covering staying healthy while not at home. Generally preparation is key, and what could be more fun than removing hassle from the equation by taking Planthood away with you.

We’ve camping-stove-tested loads of Planthood meals and can confirm they’re just as easy and delicious to enjoy away from home too! Check out our Planthood camping trip in action on our last bank holiday over on Instagram here.

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